Friday, June 6, 2008

Babah orang vs babah penguin

Penguin mengeramkan telurnya selama musim dingin di kutub. Tahukah kamu yang mengeramkan telur bukanlah penguin betina, tetapi penguin jantan. Penguin betina hanya bertelur sebiji dan telur itu dierami oleh si jantan. Selepas bertelur penguin betina kembali ke laut. Selama empat bulan mengeramkan telur, penguin jantan harus menghadapi badai kutub yang adakalanya mencapai kelajuan 100 km/jam. Kerana harus menjaga telur, penguin jantan tidak mempunyai kesempatan berburu. Sumber makanan terdekat juga jauh, kira-kira dua hari perjalanan. Penguin jantan kehilangan setengah berat tubuhnya kerana berdiam selama empat bulan tanpa makan apa-apa, dan telurnya langsung tidak pernah ditinggalkan...

* Esok Hari Bapa... Selamat Hari Bapa, Babah!!!

The tortoise was found some days ago...

Friendship is a little more trust, a little less try, a little more laugh, a little less cry, a little more luv, a little less fight, a little more WE & a little less I...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Truth, Cry and Lie...

A red rose at cheeks, a drop of tear to weep, reminds me of you.
A long side a sight…a long side of cry…
A soft summer rain, a smile that hides a pain, why should you be ashamed ?!
Cause in every life a little rain must fall
And you are my friend…charmingly sentimental brain.
There’s truth behind a cry, and there’s a cry behind a lie.
On every words that come out strong, just let them go and lets get along.
On every grudge and every fight, I miss U all day and night.
Have you had your time off today to bring a cup of tea and smile away
Sometimes I wonder will I ever see you without all your game plan ?
When all you have is nothing but a pure bliss.
I will wait that day when you can find your way, out of this maze of love,
And you can laugh to see cries and lies.
Coz u know better than me only the truth will set you free
There’s a truth behind a cry, and there’s a cry behind a lie
On every thought that come out wrong, just learn from it and please stay strong.
On every grudge and every fight, I miss u all day and night
It’s not easy to understand but you must hold on you stand
I know U know, U know I know…
There’s a truth behind a cry. and there’s a cry behind a lie
There’s a hope on every fright…
There’s a light on every night…

Dedicated for NIA, with all of my deep humility…